Editorial Series 

Theme : Superstitions & Stereotypes

A photo series exploring the idea of superstitions and how it manifests within the social construction of gender. 


It follows the narrative of the "stereotypically perfect woman" on the hunt for the man of her dreams. She follows crazy, made up superstitions to see the plan through. The superstitions progressively get more intense throughout the series, ending on an extreme note.The visuals I used are very fairytale-esque, beautiful to look at yet when you really zoom into the image they are maybe a little violent, scary & not very digestible. It plays around the idea of young girls often being fed the idea of prince charming and that a woman’s  purpose in life is to find a good husband. Then as they grow up, very conveniently are labelled boy crazy, obsessive, exploitative, manipulative and clingy.The purpose of this series was to celebrate female emotions and portray crazy in all it’s glory.

Model : Fleur Wilson

Styling, Creative direction, Photography and Concept : Urja Jain