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Short Film

We follow Leela, attempt to be the ideal Indian woman as she rehearses for her tea ceremony in her room. The same tea ceremony that she hopes to perform when her time comes for an arranged marriage, all to impress her future husband and parents-in-law. However, the ideal woman is impossible and Leela struggles to keep up with the perfect woman she wants to be. As the ideals dissolve she begins to pick the parts of her culture that are not toxic to keep in her life. Leela now surrounds herself with real women rather than the ideal Bollywood characters she stared at on her wall. For culture is what we chose to pass on.


The name Leela originates from Sanskirt meaning divine play. It means to sacrifice, the process of pain as well as joy. Her name reflects the journey she takes, as many South Asain women have taken.

Lead : Ishwari Giga

Supporting : Maki Giga, Jasreen Mand, Kavita Giga & Kajal Keshwala

Written & Directed by Urja Jain & Ishwari Giga